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Disco council slot amb who saw it immediately knew who the character is

Council Disco or Government Disco, a new game worth playing at AMB camp, a cool game that anyone can see is eye-catching. And let me tell you that it’s not just the game theme that stands out. But the game also hides PG168 many treasures. Allowing you to make an overflowing profit every time you ride with Government Disco will lead you to find ten thousand profits. With a capital of only 10 digits, it guarantees that the more you play, the more you get. The more you spin, the richer you get For anyone who wants to get to know the game with this funny character more. Let’s see the full review together now.

Disco council new slots amb camp

AMB SLOT is a hot new camp. that develops a joke game that always brings laughter to the gamblers Even if it’s a new camp But let me tell you that the idea of ​​developing games is not lost. Plus the prize money that is put in each game. It’s full until anyone can play. Must come to spin again and again Government Disco or Council PG168 Disco slot is a new game 2022, making the characters stand out at first glance. I immediately knew who this was. Importantly, the interesting thing of this game is that there is a multiplier, multiplying non-stop, winning in a row, how many rounds, full Multiplier +1, every round wins.

Disco council which camp produces Is it free?

As said in the beginning that the game Disco Council Slots It is a game from AMB SLOT camp, a hot game camp, overtaking all camps in 2022. As for the amateur You can subscribe to our pg slot to access all our games for free. free of charge Plus a new member also receive a full free bonus go to the initial PG168 capital Without having to invest yourself with the disco council, try to play as a free slot trial menu. that we prepare to serve If you want to know more about the game, you can come and try the game for free. There is no charge later for sure.

Review Government Disco Games Council Disco 2022

Disco Council or GOVERNMENT DISCO, the newest AMB slot, ready to offer new fun. With a game style that increases the multiplier according to the combo. By this camp took out the character. from important people that Thai PG168 people know the whole country Come to develop a character, whether it’s Uncle Tu, Uncle Pom, Tony, Phi Ton, Pee Tae, you will enjoy the character that is half a joker. It is a 5-reel, 4-row slot that offers unlimited free spins. Win a fun bonus throughout the course of betting.

Symbols and payouts

The Disco Council slot has a total of 11 paying symbols, including a wild and a scatter. Of course, the highest paying symbol in the game up to 50x must be the beloved person symbol, Uncle Tu. It’s Tony’s symbol. Pays at 40x. Third place goes to Uncle Pom’s symbol. The leader borrows a friend’s watch, pays 30x the other symbols. will pay down accordingly. but pays as low as 6x only

Special symbol of the game Disco Council

This game share special symbols. Also known as the help feature, there are 2 types, wild and scatter. The functions of these 2 symbols are different. including giving different returns as follows:

– Scatter Symbol – Scatter is represented by a golden submarine. If 3 of these symbols are obtained, the game will change to Instant Free Spins feature, 12 spins total prizes, with the multiplier added +1 for every PG168 winning round, playing slots, disco council and more. When will I win the prize? The reels will not be reset. but will be replaced to win the next set of prizes

– Wild Symbol – The Wild symbol is represented by a disco light when it appears anywhere on the game reels. can be used instead of all symbols to win the match, except for the Scatter only, which cannot be replaced.

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