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How Technology Has Changed the Way You Get Your News

The introduction of television and internet has had an enormous impact on the way we get our news. In addition to increasing competition from cable TV kodakgallery newspaper readership has dropped. As a result, newspapers created online versions of their publications and had to contend with a new form of journalism: amateur blogging. Initially dismissed as unreliable, blogs have since gained considerable credibility and a large readership. Traditional journalists must now tweet and blog to stay on top of the ever-changing world. In the process, they also have less time to check their sources posthut.

The proliferation of social media sites has transformed the way we get our news afroveganchick. While traditional reporters continue to grow their digital footprint, social media is now the biggest source for breaking news. Anyone with a mobile device can “break” a story. In fact, 64.5 percent of internet users get breaking news via social media. As a result savefromnet, news organisations must adapt to the latest technology to keep up with the demands of their readers.

Reuters uses AI to help its journalists analyze datasets. tunai4d The AI platform Lynx Insight can fact-check articles in real-time, and it can automatically generate news coverage. Because journalism relies on data, companies are embracing AI to help journalists with data analysis. As a result, magazines are starting to use AI for data journalism. A big challenge for journalists is determining when to use human journalists and when to hire robots.

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