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INTJ Personality Types and Car Sales

INTJs are more apt to work in an environment where they are allowed to develop their concepts. They develop ideas for new products, services, and organizations and then test them and iterate until they are perfected. In the same way, they create intellectual space where they can consider the long-term effects of their ideas on others. These traits make INTJs great at selling cars.

While INTJs can be intimidating, they have strong interpersonal skills and are highly motivated by challenges. They enjoy solving complex problems and love to introduce new concepts. They are also devoted to their projects and won’t stop until they’ve completed them. In fact, they can be very patient and will not quit until they’ve finished the project. Those qualities make them great salespeople. However, they’re not always suited for sales jobs, so they might want to consider working in another profession.

INTJs can work in many different occupations, but they do best with those who are less analytical. Those with INTJ personalities excel at systemic data processing. They’re also good at relying on proven facts. However, INTJs aren’t good candidates for jobs that require high levels of emotional expression. INTJs may not be good at car sales, but they can do great in other sectors.

Despite their strength in the workplace, INTJs often find themselves isolated. Their strong personalities make them self-confident and independent, although they don’t make good conversationalists. INTJs don’t enjoy small talk and don’t like being surrounded by small talk. The lack of social interaction is one of the biggest drawbacks of an INTJ personality.

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