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Things to consider when replacing old windows in your house

After living for years in your home, you may realize that your house is not as efficient as it was before. With time, your house’s components will not perform as effectively as before. Rather than waiting for age to depreciate elements, you should take a step ahead and replace them. One of the elements to focus on is your windows.

Older windows have a single-pane, which allows cold air to enter the house and make it cold. It turns the thermostat higher, and you end up paying higher energy bills. Often the glasses may have micro-cracks, getting weakened with time. To ensure you’re living efficiently, you can replace them.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when replacing old windows:

Always keep safety as your number one priority

If you’re doing window replacement on your own, wear protective gear and follow the proper safety protocols to protect yourself and those around you. One measure is to wear thick gloves and safety goggles when removing old windows, as sharp shards may hurt your skin or eyes. When cutting the new window glass, also follow the correct safety procedure.

If you’re unsure about it, getting it done via professionals is recommended. Hiring professionals will help you do the work correctly without compromising your safety and quality.

Clean the window frame

Removing the window glass is not the only task when replacing windows. You also have to clean the hard compound of the frame before adding the new glass. You should use a putty knife to scrape off the glue. It will come out in big chunks. When scraping the old glaze, ensure not to remove parts of the wooden frame. You should also remove all the old screws in the frame and clean the glazing points. It will help you in adding the new window easily.

Board up your window

Once the old window is removed and you’re waiting for the new one, you should board it up. It will help prevent dust and debris from entering your home. There are higher chances of infestation in old houses. Hence it is crucial to board them up nicely.

Buy high-quality new windows

Old windows are not safe, efficient, and sophisticated as new ones. Ensure you upgrade the functionality, too, along with the design. See if the frame you’re buying is insulated to avoid air leaks. Ensure that the glass is designed to last long and survive harsh weather. Also, consider the warranty available with the window. Discuss your requirements with a window company in Calgary and seek their suggestions. Read reviews about window frame material, glass, and installation before purchasing. Ask the professionals to install it for you so that you get it right the first time.

Seal the window

Most beginners falter during the installation, so it is suggested to hire a professional. After the installation is done, seal the window around all the corners. Clean the residue before it hardens, and you’re done.

Replacing old windows should be done without causing any damage to the glass. Replace your old windows with high-quality new ones to avoid paying hefty bills and acquire more safety and quality for your home lasenorita.

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