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Visual Studio – Set As Startup Project

In Visual Studio, you can launch multiple projects simultaneously. You can even launch different kinds of projects at once Beenz. For example, you can set two MVC web applications to run simultaneously. Visual Studio will then open both of them in a browser window. Moreover, you can also set multiple startup projects. Whenever you want, you can just switch between them.

To choose a project to launch as a startup project, you can choose from the list of projects in the Solution Explorer. Once you have selected a project, right-click it and select “Set as Startup Project.” Note that this is not a recommended setting unless you are debugging your project easysolution24.

When you first launch Visual Studio, it will launch the ALL_BUILD project by default. However, you can change this by setting the startup project to another project. To do this, right-click the project and choose “Set as startup project”. You can also change the name of the project to “Startup Project” if you want thedigitalscale.

In Visual Studio, startup projects are used to group a variety of projects into a single solution. Startup items are the projects that will start automatically during debugging. These items are usually not saved in the source repository.

How to Jack Up a House Crawl Space

House jacking is a useful DIY project to repair sagging crawl spaces world247zone. Crawl spaces are hollow spaces underneath some homes that are one to three feet high. These spaces can become damaged by settling or crumbling supports. This causes the floorboards to sag.

To repair a sagging house, use a jack or piers to support the floor joists. These piers are made of steel and can support wood or concrete floors. You can also use a mix of both materials. To lift a square or rectangular house, you’ll need four support jacks; larger dwellings may require additional jacks forexbit.

Using a crawl space support is also a good way to repair sunken floors. You can use a SettleStop IntelliJack system to lift the floor joists and help your house’s structure remain level. A basement also needs floor joists to support flooring and furniture.

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