Thursday, November 30, 2023

What is the Best Blog for Home Renovation?

A personal renovation blog is a great resource for those planning a home renovation project. Designing Vibes, for example, chronicles the blogger’s experiences renovating her first fixer-upper house. Her posts offer tips, affordable guides, and more. And as a bonus, her photos are beautiful! You can also learn about decorating trends and design trends from a home improvement blogger who’s been where you are!

Another great home renovation blog is DIY Diva. Founded by a young couple in Florida, this blog has grown to include posts on DIY projects and home decor. While the blog is still young, it has become very popular, and it shows amazing transformations in a few weeks. The photos are beautiful and inspiring, and the blog provides tips for transforming your home. For more tips, check out Sarah’s other blogs, including Homepolish.

Honey-Do-List is another great home renovation blog. Founded by a couple, this blog documents the process of transforming a home from a plain, boring one to a beautiful and functional one. It includes tutorials, before-and-after pictures, and reader favorites. There are a lot of useful tips, tricks, so you’ll surely find something to get stuck on!

Jenny Komenda’s Little Green Notebook is one of the best-known DIY blogs out there. This blog was first started as a way to connect with other like-minded women, but she later turned it into a full-time job! Her blog offers tips on DIY decoration, new home products, and entertaining. Another great blog about home renovation is Door Sixteen. Written by Anna Dorfman, this blog chronicles her remodeling adventures. She shares tips, tricks, and personal stories.

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